© Brad Mangas

New Jersey Tea: A lovely small shrub making it’s blooms known in the open prairies and hillsides this time of year.

Few Facts from the Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses website:

Native Americans made medicinal teas from the leaves and roots and also used the roots for fuel when wood was scarce. The leaves of Ceanothus americanus L. were used as a substitute for black tea during the American Revolution and the Civil War.

New Jersey tea is drought resistant, with roots that can grow to 15 feet.

I will get a daily pic on here tomorrow but will probably miss a day or two, Friday possible Saturday as well. Planning to spend some time out on the prairie sleeping under the stars in the land time forgot! I try to do this at least a couple times of year in the spring and early summer while the temps are nice and land is bursting with life.

I’m sure there will be many photos to follow upon my return.