© Brad Mangas

I wanted to get another shot on here of white eyed grass since I hastily posted yesterdays with out much comment. I had been out from before sunrise until just before I was able to make yesterdays post late last night. Miles of walking the prairies and flinthills can take a toll on a older fella trying to act like a young pup.

Anyway, yesterdays photo and this one I took with the P80 along with some other wildflowers that will follow in the daily pics. These shots are primarily for documenting purposes and to share with you all here. Kind of a show and tell time.

Most people I’m sure don’t think of going out looking for wildflowers with grass just a few inches high in mind. But nature is full of small wonders, it’s one of the driving forces behind my love for nature and photography. Lots of drive by photographers and so called nature folks who get in a car and only stop or slow down when something catches their eye out of the window. The more one slows down and and even stops in there tracks sometimes down on hands and knees I guarantee the more you will find that will amaze you.

Facts on white eyed grass as provided by “Kansas Wildflower and Grasses” website:

Also called: Prairie blue-eyed grass

Some Native American tribes treated stomachaches and hay fever symptoms with a tea made by boiling white-eyed grass.

The common name is a misnomer because this plant is not a grass. It is a member of the Iris Family.