© Brad Mangas

Thought I would start throwing in some spring type of shots in preparation of the new season coming. Ok, maybe I’m just being impatient but whatever it is I will brighten things up from the cold and winter views, plus the first day of spring is next Saturday!

This is a stem of  Dames Rocket that I came across last spring while driving on one of my many adventures. There was a good size patch of it which was fun shooting, but I spent some time also shooting this small loner. Surrounded by the vibrant spring grasses it really stood out.

There is noticeably some funky processing going on here. I played with this using Topaz Adjust, Clean, and maybe Simplify. Tell you the truth I can’t remember exactly how I ended up with this look. But when I hit it, it was the one I was looking for. Has a very watercolor postcard look I thought.