© Brad Mangas

Frozen tallgrasses. Mainly litte bluestem. Little bluestem has become a topic of conversation around the state of Kansas. At present there is an initiative to make it our state grass. It can be found in every county of Kansas. I listened to a local talk radio show last week that mentioned it in passing. Amongst all the political issues that fill our air waves with oppinions and negitive comments about how bad everything is the radio hosts made this issue of naming a state grass sound like something we shouldn’t even waist our time on.

It may be true that having a state grass or animal or reptile or flower or tree or fish or song doesn’t rate high on peoples list of must haves. Most people want to know about subjects that effect their lives now. We are such an impatient bunch of humans. Everything is about today and what have you done for me lately. How sad. I’m not going to climb on a pulpit here but, if people were able to see past the end of their own pointy noses they would realize they have what they have Today because of the time, effort and caring of those who could see past the present and help establish a land that sustains life. Plant and animal. And we fall in to the animal group in case they need a reminder. Without life all the rest is irrelevant.