06102010 bradmangas MG 5104

© Brad Mangas

I have been away from the daily pic a couple of days working on another project. A brand new look to Brad Mangas Natural Art Photography at bradmangasphotography.com will be coming soon so my head has been stuck in some design work for the upcoming site. I will share a peak at it here on the blog as soon as the preliminary layout is complete.

But now back to the daily pic. I was out in the countryside recently and spent some time around a nice bunch of Common Milkweed. My intention was to photograph the milkweed but ended up spending much of the time trying to capture a “Good Bug”. Most people think of bugs (or insects to be accurate) as something creepy and crawly. That goes for almost all except butterflies. The butterfly always seems to be one that is welcome most everywhere, even in displays at health care settings.

The common milkweed isn’t known for it’s bright colorful blooms, the Sullivan milkweed which looks almost exactly like the common does produce more colorful blooms but both sure do get loaded with big heavy blossom heads every year. And this year as with all the wild flora in these parts is no exception.

These plants were full of blooms with a good population of Great Spangled Fritillary Butterflies enjoy them as much or more than myself.

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