© Brad Mangas

Coming back from running an errand this morning I decided to stop by a local park and visit the rose garden. Hey gardens aren’t just for summer time! I just spent a few minutes but now wish I had spent more time checking out the winter flora. Many roses still had their summer blooms attached which provided very unique views of these delicate flowers.

I walked around looking for some opportunities to capture complete blooms still intact, and using my Nikon P80 set to macro mode took this shot of what was once a vibrant soft yellow bloom.

I processed it using Topaz Detail neutralizing the colors to get this final effect. I will have to make a few more trips to the rose garden while the opportunity exists to capture the beauty of these off season delights. Each time I go to a different spot or in this case a familar spot at a different time I am always amazed that no matter where I am or what time of the year it is, there are always hidden delights to find if you just open your mind to seeing them.

Equipment and the talent to use it is a must and a definite advantage for a photographer. But without vision of the possible, it is time and money ill spent. Learn to see with not only your eyes but heart and mind as well and you work will be well worth whatever time and money you dedicate.