© Brad Mangas

I came across a  section of new sidewalk while out on my morning walk that had a few neat impressions in it. I’m sure this was done by accident but I thought what a cool idea to put imprints of nature in something like a walk. This cottonwood leaf must have fallen at just the right time and landed perfectly. Might be harder to try this intentionally and get the same results.

On a little side note there will be a break in the daily photographs, my young bride and I will be leaving later this afternoon for Colorado and the peak of the fall colors in the Rocky Mountains. To say I’m excited is an understatement, but as with my post yesterday on patience my plan is to simply enjoy every moment and let the beauty of nature come to me. I have enough memory cards for 1600 photos so I hope that is enough. We will be gone through October 2 or 3rd so I will plan on resuming on the 4th. Maybe everyone can read some of the previous posts here and leave some comments, they are always welcomed.

Have a great weekend and week everyone. Thanks for being part of this blog.