©Brad Mangas

Ok I promise this will be the last hot air balloon image, hope I haven’t bored anybody too much with the run of them. I find them fun to work on and allows me to process in different ways than my usual stuff.  A change from my typical nature and landscape work, I’m firm believer in mixing things up once in awhile so as to not get in a rut whatever your creative craft is.

This is a shot of one of the balloons obviously be inflated or maybe deflated, I really liked how the angles of the lines along with the curves made each color pop out. I don’t think I had mentioned I shot all the balloon images with a wide angle Canon 17-40mm f/4L lens, all hand held (no tripod) so I had to keep my aperture wide open at f/4 all the time to keep the shutter speed up. It’s the same thing I done during the World Wide Photowalk a couple of months ago while I walked downtown Topeka. The 17-40mm is a great landscape lens but it has been a good all around lens for things like this as well. As long as I can get close enough to my subject it produces nicely even at the limited depth of field f/4 creates.