11062010 flinthills MG 7981

© Brad Mangas

Daily Photograph, November 6

I made a round through some of the flinthills yesterday afternoon in search of fall color, and yes like most I had fall tree color on my mind. Some is still lingering but very hit and miss unlike the bounty of tallgrass that covers the flint hills. The color is to put it mildly strong. Golden, bronze, deep orange whatever you want to call it, it is here as it should be.

Now for the dreamin’ part. I get thoughts and preconditions stuck in my head many times when I go out with camera in hand. I try to get clear in my head exactly what it is I am after. A good thing? Maybe, but it should not be the only thing. I pass up way to many opportunities in search for that one scene that is what I am dreaming about. A good thing? No it is not. Open your mind to possibilities, if the one you are searching for materializes super! But if it just isn’t there don’t be so single minded that you miss all the others that stare you in the face. Life isn’t always what we want, could be most of the time it isn’t anything that we “want” or more accurately what we “think we want”. But that does not make is lesser in importance. Be grateful, gratitude and humility are what life is about, dreamin’ under the warm blue sky of more opportunities that await. I will go in search again tomorrow, and possible dream some more.