© Brad Mangas

You know the saying, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. Guess I’ve been feeling like a nut lately. I visit this grove of oaks close to home on a regular basis and have tried many times to capture the healthy crop of acorns on a variety of oaks. Much harder than I would have thought. Between the breeze and trying to create a somewhat decent composition I mostly end up with bunches of shots worthy of deletion. But I thought I would share this shot that did have something different about it. I’ve never seen acorns hanging for small stems like this that resemble more of a vine than a tree. I knew from the looks of this with the open background I could bring more attention to the nuts, so a few shots were taken at a wide aperature to help blur the background while still maintaining decent focus on most of the acorns.

I’m sure I will visit this area again and once more start feeling like a nut.