Bridge Across


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Signature Edition Print

Beautiful fine art print personally printed by Brad.
Printer/Ink: Canon Pro 10 / Lucia pigment archival inks.
Paper: Canon Fine Art Smooth 320gsm. Beautiful silky smooth matte paper.

  • All prints signed and include a certificate of authenticity.
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Bridge Across

Photographic Story ~ 

Over a 15 year period I have logged over 150,000 miles of travel exploring the Countryside. Most closer to home with the regular journeys to more distant places. There is something that become clear the more one travels. The calm peaceful scenes of nature can be found anywhere. All it takes is a willingness to get out and recognize the beauty that exist in all things and places.

The “Bridge Across” that this photograph represents is within walking distance of my front door. I can be standing in my living room and in about 10 minutes walk to this foot bridge. It is small, iron, foot bridge over Shunga Creek in Big Shunga Park in the Southwest part of Topeka, Kansas. 

Over the years I have (and still do) crossed it many times. Mostly to just hike Shunga Trail. The areas I prefer to hike are more heavily wooded and winter is a great time to hike in the woods.

I sat out one mid-winter morning after a brief snowfall. Hoping for some enjoyable time in the woods and the new snow covered ground. Hiking was indeed enjoyable like always, but I found myself standing along a small primitive trail that follows Shunga Creek. The winter scenes were wonderful. Snow covered trees lining cold slowly running waters of the creek. 

A good deal of time was spent in this spot. Enjoying a winter morning and making a few photographs. As I finished and the day began moving on. I packed up my gear, slowly made my way along the creek, and once again took the “Bridge Across” back home.



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